Water Features
Desert Wave I
96 x 24 inches
All “wave” sculpture waterfeatures are pure copper and can be ordered with a green or brown finish. Brown finishes however will turn green over time. The Roman numeral number changes address the size differences.
Desert Wave II
96 x 18 inches
w/ Natural Brown Finish
Desert Wave V
48 inches
Copper, stainless,
Desert Wave III
6 feet
At night shows the beauty of copper with low voltage light.
Spires I
9 feet
Four free standing copper columns with textured copper and smooth copper in this entry court is inviting.
Canyon I
5 x 4 feet
The copper upside down teardrop form lends itself to a modern environment. This sculpture is available in other sizes.
Suspended Form
This simple copper form on edge is only 20 inches tall.
Stainless Curved Water Feature
12 x 6 feet
Radius Wall: Stainless
This interior water feature graces the entry of a home.
Double Waterwall
6 x 6 feet
This built in water glass waterwall has water flowing down both sides, acting as a room divider.
Screen w/ Copper Trim
9 x 5 feet
The stainless steel screen is a perfect vehicle for slowing the water and creating a wave effect as it trickles to the rocks below.
Stone Bowl w/ Rock Bed
36 inch diameter
Patio Water Wall
8 x 5 feet
The angled bars at the bottom of the copper wall increase the activity of the water to create more sound.
Red Mountain - Night
Red Mountain
Mountain View, CA
Water Feature over Fireplace

Accents in Water
Slater Sculpture is also representing Accent in Water in Arizona. AIW builds custom and production water features distributed through Slater Sculpture. Please visit our showroom in Tempe to see working water features, and to get answers to any questions you may have.
Kitchen Wall Feature
Living Room Wall Feature
Staircase Waterfall