Whirlwind VI
Stainless Steel; 5 Feet high;(beautifully polished stainless forms capture the environment)
available by commission
Red Disc VII
Desert Wind I
Stainless Steel; 10 feet; This is the first in the Desert Wind Series; Mounted on bearings, it can rotate;
available by commission
Ellipsoid I
Copper, glass; 11 feet
Inner Light XV
Stainless, glass; 60 inches + 40 inch base;
Ellipsoid II
EL Deseo V
Stainless, copper; 81 inches;
Ricochet II
Stainless Steel; 14 feet; This sculpture is an abstraction of the MicroAge logo (background)
Red Disc VI
Steel, glass; 96 inches
Disc VI
Stainless, copper; glass; 30 inch;
Desert Spirit
Copper, glass; 11 feet
Desert Wind II
Steel; 14 feet; Forms reminiscent of the swirling summer "dust devils"