Artworks by Gary Slater include freestanding sculpture, water feature sculpture, and wall relief sculpture. Materials used to create the sculptures are varied: stainless steel, copper, bronze, steel, and combinations of metals; painted metal; stone, glass, and of course, water. All works by Gary Slater are original art, and are protected by copyright laws of the United States. All models and designs remain the property of Slater Sculpture.

Commissioned Works

At any given time, Slater Sculpture will have up to a dozen water features available, and as many as 30 non-water feature sculptures for sale. For commissioned works, Gary Slater will design and fabricate site-specific works to meet your needs and budget. Design consists of a scale model and/or a computer generated site-specific visuals. Gary will be glad to work with architects, designers, and individuals to solve problems and create the best environment for the client and artwork. To this end, Gary will visit the site and discuss specific requirements. Many existing small sculptures can be fabricated successfully to any scale, or design changes can be made in existing model formats to create a unique sculpture for you


Due to the unique nature of artwork, a non-refundable fee may be required to construct a new model. Upon execution of a contract, the fee will be credited to the total contract price. A 50% deposit is required (unless other arrangements have been made) with the signing of a contract for a commissioned work. Payment in full is required to ship.

Most installations are simple, and qualified local personnel may install sculptures; the artist will install certain sculptures at a nominal additional cost if special handling such as crane work for larger pieces is involved. Complete handling, anchoring and maintenance instructions will be included. For water feature sculptures, a submersible pump will be included. All water features are tested prior to shipping. Electrical and water supply lines will be the responsibility of the owner, or may be included by Slater Sculpture for additional cost.

Crating and Shipping

Crating is included for sculptures 6' and under.
Shipping is F.O.B. Phoenix.